"ジャングルの露天風呂"by ほっしゃん



Translation of a funny story I heard on a Japanese TV program
"Outdoor bathtub in the jungle” by Hosshan

(日本のテレビ番組で見た面白い話の翻訳。"ジャングルの露天風呂"by ほっしゃん

One TV job brought me to Borneo island which belongs to Malaysia. Many people go there for scuba diving, but my job took place deep in the mountains. It's so deep in the jungle that Japanese never visit there. The crews and I had stayed at a hotel in the jungle for a week. Around the hotel, I saw monkeys, razor-backs, and other wild animals. In my room at the hotel, there was a private outdoor bathtub on the balcony. I am an on-screen talent, so I could get a better room than the crews. While staying there, I was constantly thinking to take a bath outdoors,but I was so busy and had no time to do it. On the final day, I could finish up my work early, so I rushed into the open-air bathtub with no clothes on. Next to my room, there was the same type of room. There was a white elderly man with a bathing suit. When he saw me naked, he looked so surprised. That made me so anxious. I didn't know the law in the country. I might be violating legal matters. The man went back to his room. I thought he might call the front desk to warn them of my behavior. I also went back to my room and put on my underwear, trunks because I didn't have a bathing suit. Then, I went to the bathtub again with trunks on. After a minute, he showed up and he was completely naked.


Both were strangers there. We didn't know which is correct or not, If in Japan, everyone undresses when they take a bath. If in the West and Europe, everyone puts on bathing suits when they go to public baths. This story took place in an Asian country, so, both I and the white elderly man were not sure about the point of wearing a bathing suit or being naked.





1) On the final day, I could finish up my work early, so I rushed into the open-air bathtub in complete undress with no clothes on.

英辞郎では「in complete undress」は「真っ裸」の意味と書いてあったのですが、今回のアメリカ人の先生はその表現は使いませんとのこと。うーん、生の人間の意見を信じよう。

2)When he saw my me naked, he looked so surprised.

「私の」裸で"の"だからmyかな〜と思い書くも、You can't have "naked" so you shouldn't use "my."("裸"を持つ事ができないので、"my"は使うべきではありませんよ)とのこと。ふむふむ。


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